Full Management

This is our premier service, which provides for the marketing of the property and carrying out viewings, leading to the introduction and vetting of a prospective tenant. This proving satisfactory, we then prepare the tenancy agreement and inventory details where necessary. Suitable tenant is informed of the inventory and made to sign the itinerary.

During the tenancy we carry out periodic inspection visits. Should these bring to light any maintenance issues, we will (within the confines of our Management Agreement) arrange or recommend necessary repairs.

Collecting and processing of rental payments is also an important part of our Full Management Service. Rental balances will be promptly credited automatically to the Landlord’s nominated bank account.

Before the end of the tenancy period, we liaise with the Tenant, with a view to either renewing the contract or arrange to re-advertising the property. This Service is suitable for Landlords who are not residing locally, or do not wish to deal with the daily hassle of managing their own properties.